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4 Reasons to Bring Outdoors, Indoors1 min read

With summer just around the corner, there is no better time to get outside, appreciate the great outdoors, and enjoy the fresh air. But it doesn’t just stop there, research shows that bringing the outside in can also have a positive effect on our wellbeing.

Michael Perry, aka The Plant Geek, is our resident expert on all things plants, so we asked him for his top reasons why we should have plants in the home… and we must say we’re converted!

1) Clearing our air

We need oxygen to survive! Plants are amazing, as they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and replenish with oxygen. As plants soak in that carbon dioxide, they also purify the air, cleansing toxins.

2) Giving us the feel good factor

Studies show an indoor plant by a hospital patient can accelerate recovery. Nature can help you to concentrate and be productive too, many workplaces are developing their own green areas.

3) Benefiting our health

You can have a lot of fun growing- and using- your own herb and spice harvests! For example, Parsley is packed with vitamins and minerals, and can be added to many meals.

4) Re-balancing technology-filled lives

Our modern devices can raise radiation levels in our homes, so it’s a good idea to dilute those Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) where you can. Plants can help to soak in the waves.


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