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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love3 min read

With Valentine’s Day imminent – 14th February (in case that’s got lost in the barrage of TV ads pushing teddy bears, chocolates and flowers) – we thought what better time to offer you our advice on how to get it right when it comes to choosing a gift for the one you love.

Valentine’s Day was supposedly created to celebrate St Valentine, who married lovers in secret after a 15th century decree was passed which banned US elite soldiers from marriage, as it was believed that single men made better fighters.

Today we send over 25 million Valentine’s cards in the UK, which is usually preferable to receiving a text or email (tip #1). Every year 10% of all marriage proposals happen on the 14th February, despite 88% of women believing that it’s not the best time to propose.

For many, Valentine’s Day tends to creep up on us as we start to come out of our post-Christmas haze. After using up all our creative gift ideas only a month and a bit ago, so begins the blind panic of searching for a gift with ‘meaning’. Here’s where we come in. We’ve compiled this short list to help steer you in the right direction and help you make this Valentine’s Day a little bit more special.

  1. Men can be tricky to buy for and we often hear their partners saying ‘he’s got everything!’ in desperation. Our recommendation is always ‘what has he got that’s due an upgrade?’ Whether it’s his wallet, grooming routine, or maybe those pair of tracksuit bottoms that have seen better days!
  2. A great way to start thinking of gifts is to consider things related to their hobbies. Start with the obvious (does your run-loving girlfriend need a new pair of running shoes?) and work your way from there (she loves listening to music when she runs, but she can’t hear road traffic. What about Aftershokz?).
  3. Look in their wardrobe. Is it full of Ted Baker or the colour blue? Is most of their jewellery silver? Chances are, what they’ve already got will give you a good idea of what they’d like to receive.
  4. A great way to make it a Valentine’s Day to remember is to give gifts that complement your plans. If you have a night in with a takeaway prepped, then a box of chocolate you can share on the sofa might be perfect. If you’re heading somewhere unique that you’ll want to remember, then consider a keepsake.
  5. Why not rework the classics? If your partner has always liked the trusty chocolate and flowers combo, then try them this year with a bit of a twist. Whether it’s artisan chocolate (we love Pump Street Bakery!) or choosing a beautiful flower they can plant in the garden and enjoy… the extra thought is what they’ll love.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, here’s a quick run-down of our top 5 hot picks…


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