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Chris: The Season Continues…3 min read

Cricket bat and ball

We are now half way through the season and although it would be nice to think that I have packed away all my jumpers and undergarments the sad thing is they are still in the bag!  The weather has been pretty ordinary this year with what feels like most weeks being affected by rain in some way or another, usually after a pretty good week of weather whilst stuck in an office.

Rain and cricket are pretty common and it’s interesting the different ways in which players approach what to do with their time.  Some take it as an opportunity to sort their kit out, re-grip bats, tidy bags, re-spike shoes or just empty out old sweet wrappers.  Others are addicted to their phones and spend all their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another form of social media.  When the rain gets really bad and the boys are bored silly games appear such as changing room cricket.  Tennis balls are flicked out of wrists from the length of a changing room with local rules coming into play such as one hand one bounce or out off the table! These games usually end with someone getting a ball to the face and someone storming off upset, always best to keep us on the pitch!

As a club we have had a mixed season to date. Some really good performances have been followed by some pretty poor ones or some outstanding ones. Like any sporting side we are searching for consistency and form and when a team gets into that rhythm of winning or losing it becomes a habit. Personally my season reflects pretty closely to my comments above with some good performances mixed with some poor ones. I think if we can all individually improve by 5-10% then the close games that we have lost or drawn we will win.

It has also been an interesting summer of international cricket. The “new dawn” of English cricket was announced by a change of management and coaches although the captain and players broadly remained the same. Clearly England have some really good young players as well as some well-established older ones of high quality.  Alistair Cook has taken a lot of flak in the media regarding his captaincy and some of it has been justified however like I mentioned earlier, winning and losing are habits and after a pummelling by the Australians in the winter it was always going to take time to affect change. There have been some real positives this summer though, Gary Balance, Sam Robson and Moen Ali all scoring debut test hundreds as well as Liam Plunket taking a 5 wicket haul.

I am convinced that Alistair Cook will return to form and score some significant runs for England soon, he clearly just needs some luck and some of the other senior players to take the pressure off him.

Let’s hope that the rest of July and August’s weather improves and that we start to have the summer that we had last year so we can look forward to our Saturdays without fear of the changing room boredom!

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