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Get to Grips with Gant2 min read


The History

Luxury clothing label, Gant, is a Swedish brand that was established in New Haven in 1949 and started its journey manufacturing high quality dress shirts. While the firm’s designs are largely inspired by the East Coast of America, there has always been distinctly European influence to both their clothing and accessories. It was this influence that, in the 60’s, propelled the brand’s intense popularity – making them, at one point, the second largest shirt manufacturer in the world. Arguably, the sole basis for this success was the fact that Gant was one of the first brands to introduce the button-down collar (an English invention) to the US mass market and, for this reason, the brand was thought to possess a level of prestige unmatched by its competitors. While this may be the case, the introduction of the double-trucked hem and the signature Gant loop may have also contributed to the brands exclusivity and subsequent success.

The Style

Nowadays, Gant specialises in a wide range of casualwear, retaining the high level of quality for which the brand was originally famed. Gant has a strong ‘preppy’ vibe, which is created through a seamless combination of European elegance and American nonchalance. To keep abreast of its expanding customer base, Gant has now split its range into two subcategories: their core product line, G.N.H (Gant New Haven), which specialises in traditional tailored casualwear and their range of RUGGER clothing which caters to a younger audience that are more amenable to current trends. While both lines are heavily influenced by athleticism, you definitely don’t have to be sporty to appreciate Gant’s laid-back style.

The Clothing

We have rounded up our favourite pieces from this season’s collection:

Gant Contrast Pique Rugger Top for Men
Gant Raglan Knit Jumper for Women
Gant Madras College Jacket for Men

Try GANT if you…

–          Like the Ralph Lauren aesthetic
–          Want something a bit edgier than J Crew
–          Are a fan of Tommy Hilfiger
–          Are looking for a more mature version of Jack Wills
–          Find Fred Perry a bit too muted

To see our range of Gant clothing, simply visit us in-store! Alternatively, if you can’t get to us, you can shop online at www.coes.co.uk where you’ll find a wide range of men’s and women’s Gant clothing with worldwide shipping available!

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