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Get the Look: Jordan Barrow2 min read

We think it’s important to be authentic. Which is why we use real Coes customers as our models for everything from social media to magazine adverts. The people we ask to model for us all have a great sense of style and we like this to shine through, whether it’s a cheeky smile, flamboyant gesture or understated elegance.

We believe in keeping it real and our designers never photoshop a person’s size, proportions, colour or individual features (although they may airbrush the odd pimple!).

This summer, Coes customer, Jordan Barrow, features in our Live Life in Full Bloom campaign. Jordan’s style is a great example of balance – he feels just as comfortable in a sharp suit as he does in a tracksuit. As a lawyer, model, actor and ex-boxer, his wardrobe is just a varied and lively as he is. If you’re looking for a bit of style inspiration, his weekend style is easy to wear and is the perfect example of a laidback summer look.

In between shots in the studio, we wanted to learn more about Jordan’s style with some quickfire questions…

1) Who do you think is the epitome of style?

Olivier Rousteing – Creative director of Balmain.

2) Which is your favourite piece of clothing?

My suit. It feels like my superhero outfit. You wear it to prom, to work and hopefully one day, when I get married.

3) Which colours do you like to wear?

Black, khaki, white and grey.

4) What’s your go-to accessory?


5) You’re packing for a trip and can only fit one pair of shoes in your suitcase. What would you grab?

Chelsea boots.

6) If you had to narrow your closet down to five items, which pieces would you choose?

Suit, tracksuit, loungewear, hoodie and snapbacks.

7) What age do you feel right now and why?

Outside of work, 18; I’m crazy, carefree, and silly with a carpe diem attitude.

 At work 35; I’m professional, calm, collected and determined.

8) How would your friends describe you?

Caring, funny, dependable and ambitious.

9) What’s worth spending more on to get the best?


10) When people, you don’t know, look at you, what do you think they think?

Couldn’t possible say, but I’d like to think ‘confident, nice, smartly dressed and well-groomed’.


If you’re a fan of Jordan’s look, why not keep it simple in jeans and let an iconic tee from your favourite brand do the talking?

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