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Get the Look: ‘Peaky Blinders’2 min read

Since Birmingham-based Peaky Blinders hit our screens, Thomas Shelby, notorious kingpin in the BBC2 drama, has been inspiring many men on their quest for sartorial style. In fact, in the months since season 4 of the gritty WW2 crime series aired, sales of proper suits, heavy wool overcoats and tweed caps have soared, and with good reason – the emphasis on quality pieces means many of the looks sported are perfect for a modern reworking.

While trying to emulate the styling of your favourite character comes with a few pot-holes (no one wants to look like their playing dress up!), it’s a great way to up your game in the style stakes and try something new, especially at a time when men’s fashion has a tendancy to play it safe. So if you want to emulate the Peaky Blinders’ 1920’s style, we can help you take a bit of inspiration from the most stylish programme on TV since Mad Men…

1. Penny Collar Shirt (also known as the Club Collar Shirt): This rounded collar shirt is a signature of Thomas Shelby, and although back in the 1920’s the collar itself was detachable (hard to find nowadays!), this shirt is a steal at £19.95 if you really want to nail the iconic styling. It’s also a really easy item to integrate into your own wardrobe as all it requires is switching up your usual white shirt for this on-trend staple. If you want to go one step further, why not sport an ‘air tie’ like the cast – button your shirt up to the top button and forgo the tie entirely.

2. The Obligatory Cap: One of the most notible nods to the Peaky Blinders style is the tweed cap. Although in the show you’ll mostly see 8 piece button centre caps, the traditional flat cap is also a great way to steal the style and one that is a little more easily integrated into the average wardrobe. Due to limitations in weaving techniques during the 20s, woolen caps give the most authentic look – think heavy Donegal and Harris tweeds – but we sell a great selection so it really is a case of choosing what feels right for you.

3. Three Piece Suits: The two piece suit has become common place in most offices up and down the country but we’re excited to see a change towards more traditional three piece suits. The addition of a woolen waistcoat is something that really adds the authoritive poise to Tommy’s gangster look and is something you can emulate – pocket watch optional, of course!

4. Overcoat: Typically Tommy Shelby sports a black, velvet collar overcoat that adds a bit of drama to his look. If you’re looking for similar styles, check out our range of Scott and Falabella coats which are ideal for emulating his look.




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