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Give it Some Welly1 min read

The story of the Wellington Boot begins in the 19th century, when The Duke of Wellington asked his shoe maker to redesign his military Hessian boots to create a more practical shoe. These boots, made from leather, became the first step in the evolution of the boots we know today.

Following Charles Goodyear’s invention of the vulcanisation process for rubber, the technique was applied to footwear and this is when Wellington boot really started to take off!

Nowadays, Wellington Boots are not only a practical way to keep our feet warm and dry in typical British weather, but brands such as Hunter and Barbour are redefining the way we think about the humble wellie by adding lashings of personality. To date, Hunter has delivered four brand-defining shows at London Fashion Week which have really marked the beginning of the wellies reinvention, taking them from drab to fab.

To make it easier than ever to get your hands on a pair of Hunter’s, we are offering great savings on our range of Hunter Original Boots, including the ever-popular shorter styles. So, if you’re a dog walker, preparing for festival season or just want to keep your feet warm and dry through spring, now is the perfect time to snap up a pair with up to 50% off. Get them before they’re gone!


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