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Hit the Ground Running: My Marathon Training Routine3 min read

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can

Arthur Ashe

Well, the New Year has thrown me right into the midst of marathon training with a chilly a start!

January is always a really tough month for me. My coach goes to Australia to see his family for 4 weeks, so I do not have him to accompany me on the long, cold, bleak marathon training runs and tough sessions. It makes it tricky with regards fuelling and I have to pick my routes tactically. Thia gives me options to pick up or drop of kit, and collect fuel and drinks.

Although these weeks are tough, they help improve my mental strength and toughen my resolve. Pushing yourself as hard as you can when there is no one else watching, or telling you to, takes some doing.

Building up the miles

Those of you in training now for a spring marathon will understand the need to start building up miles gradually. My last three weeks have been hovering around the 75-80 mile mark. I am up to a long run of 20miles, which I have also done for the last three weeks.

I have wonderful support locally from Nino and the Hub Team at the UOS. Last week I was there having VO2 max tests, Lactic TH tests, bio-dec strength tests, running bio-mechanics testing, and having my nutrition, diet, and hydration assessed. All these things will provide great information as to whether there are any big or small changes I can make to slice a few more minutes and seconds of my marathon time this year.

Choosing the right kit

I have paid the wonderful team at Coes Ipswich a few visits! Most of my training over the last 2-3 weeks has been in the fantastic New Balance Fuel Cell Impulse trainers and Nike Zoom Flys. I love both these shoes for different reasons, but the NB Fuel Cell are very quickly becoming my go-to shoe. They are just so versatile, lightweight, comfortable and feel superb for anything from a short speed session to a long steady 20mile run!

With the cold weather firmly upon us, I was struggling to get my leggings and warm kit washed and turned around in time for runs. I have been very grateful for the superb warm Nike and under-armour leggings I picked up and the Ron Hill After light reflective beanie. Hats are so important in the cold weather, especially if there is wind-chill factor to take in to account. We lose so much heat from our heads, so it’s a great way to conserve energy and keep cosy and warm. With the dark mornings and evenings, the reflective elements make me visible as well!

I cannot stress enough the importance of wrapping up warm on long runs in the cold winter weather and protecting yourself from the elements with the correct kit, waterproof, windproof, breathable and thermal. The right kind of kit can improve how you feel on your run. When you are using valuable energy to try and keep warm, it can cause you to feel weak and tired as your run progresses.

Coes Sportswear

There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes! Coes running department has a fantastic selection of season appropriate running kit, to help you feel and look the part, and ensure you are fully prepared for whatever the Great British weather might throw at you.

Run – because you have no excuse not to!

Helen D

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