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Michael Brings Bloom to the Gloom4 min read

This week we got in touch with Suffolk-based horticulturalist Michael Perry, a.k.a Mr Plant Geek. With over 18 years of horticultural experience, as both a grower and an award winning broadcaster, Michael can certainly bring bloom into the gloom! He’s the resident gardening expert on both QVC and This Morning. He’s certainly been brightening up our lockdown with his infamous plant selfies on his instagram! So Michael, over to you…

Hello, we are all enjoying more time at home recently, so I thought it would be a nice idea to look at some indoor gardening ideas.


Houseplants, your houseplants probably don’t know what’s hit them, as you’re giving them more attention than ever! However, go easy on the watering, it’s best to only water houseplants when the surface of the compost has dried out. Water from below, it’s often a better way of regulating things. Just use a saucer!


A really nice idea to get kids involved is a garden on a plate. I have fond memories of making such things for local flower shows when I was just 10 years old. Grab any dinner plate, level it off with compost, and then build it up with tiny pieces of twig, gravel for pathways, foil for ponds, and maybe incorporate a few figurines or Lego figures.


Did you know that many vegetables can be harvested at seedling size and eaten as microgreens? The nutrient content is more concentrated in this form too, so they are really good for you. Just sow the seeds on a piece of kitchen towel, and water every couple of days. You can even make eggheads, like we used to do at school!


Windowsill pot plants, they don’t have to always be houseplants. You can even put up some baby petunias or geraniums and grow them through the summer on the windowsill in doors. They will give a lovely display, and many have a soft fragrance too.


How about getting Instagram happy and making a flat lay? This is very simply harvesting flowers on your daily walk, and then laying them out on an attractive surface. The photos you can take are wonderful, and the whole process very therapeutic.

If you want to keep updated with all things Mr Plant Geek, you can find out more on his instagram, twitter and facebook. Fancy bringing the outdoors into your wardrobe? Here are our top picks from coes.co.uk

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