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Poivre Blanc Clothing – 25 Years of Sportswear Excellence2 min read

Poivre Blanc

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Poivre Blanc is a brand with years of experience in creating and designing some of the highest quality casual-wear that feels at home on the slopes and looks great on the streets. With twenty five years of experience under their belts in fashionable design they’ve progressed as a brand going from strength to strength, but one thing remains constant, their focus on remaining contemporary and modern. With the weather still cold, wet and snowy in places) the winter collection by Poivre Blanc is looking as appealing as ever.

Their women’s-wear collection is full of bright colours that stand out to be bold and catch the eye no matter where they are shown off. Combined with their original designs, Poivre Blanc manage to create something truly spectacular that has allowed them to stand the test of time and become one of the great designers of casual skiwear. Not to mention the high quality at which they sustain within all their products that they offer.

Womens Poivre Blanc Valerie-Wo Jacket in Imperial

A look at Some of the Poivre Blanc Range

Despite the entire range of clothing offered (Primarily women’s and children’s sportswear clothing) being excellent, their women’s Poivre Blanc Jackets and Coats are what truly stand out as being exceptional. If you’re out on the snowy slopes or just travelling the streets of a cold day, their jackets and coats will keep you snug and warm. The Women’s Poivre Blanc Valerie-Wo Jacket in Imperial (as seen right) for example not only looks fantastic but also features high duck down and a detachable fur trim to ensure that you keep toasty warm.

Now, if you thought that their coats and jackets looked warm, wait until you see their head-wear! The Women’s Poivre Blanc Estila-Wo Stretch Chapka Hat in Blanc (as seen below) is padded inside with a fur lining to keep the heat in and the chilly winds out. Beyond the obvious function as a warm head-wear, the design of the hat is very contemporary in line with trends of winter hats that we’ve been seeing out on the streets but with a flare that only Poivre Blanc can provide.

Womens Poivre Blanc Estila-Wo Stretch Chapka Hat in Blanc

That’s a Wrap

Poivre Blanc prides itself on their values of family, conviviality, holidays, sport and high spirits which shines through into their clothing with bright and colourful designs that are truly original and distinctive. So whether you’re looking to help fight off the cold of the mountain slopes or simply add a fantastic looking functional jacket, coat, gilet or hat to your wardrobe, Poivre Blanc is the ideal brand. You can check out our full range on our website

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