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RCR: New Beginnings1 min read

Our fantastic community – Rushmere Community Runners!

A phone call one day in April told me that our running shop in Ipswich was closing down, which meant uncertain times for our team and also for our running community.

Even at two weeks until closing day, it looked like the end, but our runners still powered on and ran together, meeting at a local carpark, come rain or shine – true community spirit!

Then, a week before closing I received a text. Stu, Marie and I were being offered the opportunity to work at Coes in Ipswich, doing what we do best! Total shock and excitment was the mood of the day for the team and our 50 strong team of community runners. Coes had seen how we’d grown the community and wanted us to help build their sports department into the go-to place for runners of all abilities. Wow!!

And yes… we were going to have a running community!

Our new logo – what do you think?

After a few short months, the Sports Department is buzzing and we’ve been visited by new and familiar faces.

Rushmere Community Runners are buzzing too and the community is growing week by week!

So, if you’re interested in gait analysis, FootBalance analysis or you’re just passionate about running and want to join a community of likeminded people, then stop by the department for a chat.

Brands we stock include:

  • Asics
  • ON Running
  • New Balance
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • SiS Sports Nutrition
  • Aftershokz Headphones
The Coes Sports Department

You can also contact us on runners@coes.co.uk or by visiting our Facebook page here.

See you soon,

Jan 🙂

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