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Schoffel Winter Coats and Clothes1 min read

Schoffel Winter

The archetypal style and classic lines of the Schoffel brand has been with us for the best part of two centuries. Fashion trends come and go but the sheer elegance of fine country clothing never falls foul of fashion trends and fads. It is as relevant now to modern lifestyles as it was to earlier generations of men and women, and made to the same high standards keeps Schoffel coats at the top of a list of must have classic country clothing.Schoffel Mens Gore-Tex Tweed Ptarmigan Coat in Moss | Coes Blog

Schoffel coats are great for keeping the cold out and the heat in, but on colder days when you’re out and about a Schoffel fleece worn under the coat adds an extra protective layer of insulation against the cold. You’ll know how sharp those early morning frosts can be and you need to wrap up warm against the winter chill, not that autumn doesn’t have its moments as well.

Schoffel coats, hats and scarves are the perfect fashion combination as well as the perfect winter warmers. If you’re an outdoor sort of person who loves nothing more than a brisk outing on a Saturday or Sunday in the country, braving the elements then any of the superb collection of Schoffel coats and accessories is for you.

The entire collection is country clothing at its best, and the features which include hard-wearing fabrics and high quality proofing systems like Gore-Tex will protect the wearer from the worst of the elements. Schoffel is one of the finest if not the best of country and shooting brands available for men. As a fashion statement they’re pretty good too.

Check out our collection of Schoffel Coats for men today in the Coes Online store and imagine yourself wrapped up warm against the chill of winter.

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