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Shop Local and Support Independent1 min read

I passionately believe there’s nothing like the local high street.

It’s vital that we celebrate everything it has to offer – the high street is where shopping comes alive with diversity and character. There’s a sense of community you get from shopping locally and discovering ideas that can only exist outside the mainstream.

Local businesses contribute tremendously to the identity of the towns we’re in. So, we’ve teamed up with a few of them to introduce you to the fantastic people who run them and help our town centres continue to thrive.

Our individual differences make this life more colourful!

This summer brings a host of events worth celebrating, from Suffolk Pride and Latitude, to the launch of Destination Norwich Road in Ipswich, providing the perfect opportunity to come together to recognise the vibrant communities around us. For this reason, we’re particularly proud to sponsor Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk. Starting in June, we hope you enjoy tracking down our sculpture!

Independent stores, events and people who love where they live make our home towns what they are. Let’s nurture them so we can all revel in a bright future.

Best wishes,

William Coe

typography encouraging people to shop local which says 'we love you for supporting independent'

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