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Word from Bill: I don’t want to sound like a farmer but…1 min read


There has been a lot of press coverage in the recent weeks on how the “Indian Summer” has affected trade for many retailers on the high street.  I try not to blame the weather for a quiet spell in the shop as I might sound like a farmer for whom the weather is never quiet right but it obviously has a huge impact on our business sector as it does for many others.  There is a pressure for bringing seasons earlier and earlier that pays no regard to the British climate and the unpredictability of Mother Nature. We have autumn stock arriving from mid June that can include heavy knits and coats which we ordered back in January.  We then are expected to have cleared these by Christmas to then welcome the spring summer deliveries in January.  Sales are often pre Christmas and then you are left with little stock in your shop the marries the usual cold snap in January/February.  What happened to the winter sale that sat in February at the end of the season?

We try to buy with suppliers that operate on a shorter lead time but that is not always possible and so there is a constant balancing act of trying to keep stock fresh and new versus what is actually appropriate to sell at that time.  So not only our the buyers trying to spot the trends of the season they are also trying to forecast the weather!!  All methods to forecast the weather for autumn winter 2015 gratefully received but certainly I hope you enjoyed the beautiful start to this one.

All the best,

William Coe


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