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Sprinkle Joy.1 min read

This year, we kick off the festive season with a celebration of everything and anything that brings JOY and puts a smile people’s faces… whether for you that’s spending time with family, finding the one you love the perfect gift, or dancing the night away in your favourite pair of shoes!


We’re not just encouraging people to appreciate those special moments, but create them. So why not ‘Sprinkle Joy’ this Christmas? A little here. A little there. A little everywhere.

Our eagerly anticipated Christmas windows follow the same theme. We don’t want to ruin the suprise if you haven’t seen them already, but we will say they are big, bold and full of character! We not only wanted to focus on the joy and excitement of Christmas Day but capture the whole festive season in an exciting burst of glitter, sequins and winter accessories.


Our store is crammed full of gorgeous stock across all of our departments, so much so that we truly believe we have something for everyone on your list! Some of our more bizarre gifts include a bicycle pizza cutter, wooly hats with interchangable bobbles and a glitter beard kit.

Come and have a look around…we hope you love what we’ve done with the place this Christmas!

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