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Start 2020 your way – Our new campaign is here!7 min read

If you have been following our recent campaigns, you will have seen that we love celebrating individuality.

A new year can be a challenging time: Christmas is over, the weather is dull and the days are short, and there is pressure on to achieve a new year’s resolution. Don’t let any of that bring you down because our new campaign is here!

With a cool wintery palette and a striking yellow adding a pop of personality, our latest campaign encourages you to start 2020 your way by exploring your individual winter style with us. Across the departments we have thousands of combinations to choose from, whether you are looking for ski wear or scarves and hats to keep the winter chill at bay. We know you’ll find what you need at Coes to enjoy winter your way. If you can’t wait to explore your new season style you can shop now by clicking here.

Our display team have been working hard to create another eye-catching display. Made up of shapes in the blue and yellow that are designed around the Roman numerals for the year 2020 (MMXX). The colour blocks are opposite but come together to make one shape – the perfect pairing.

Just like the shapes within the campaign pattern, we want to bring opposites together and celebrate individuality. Everyone’s idea of the perfect winter is different, so we are using words that begin with ‘RE’ to reflect the contrast of your individual perspectives, these include:


Whether you are establishing a new beginning with new year’s resolutions or rebooting an old hobby to get stuck into.


Whether you are refreshing your wardrobe this new year or allowing yourself time to refresh, enjoying the cool, crisp winter air.


Whether you plan to head to the spa more this year or to take up a new sport.


Whether you wind down in the comfort of your own home with a hot chocolate or find it more relaxing to hit the ski slopes.

For more examples of these check out our store windows on Norwich Road in Ipswich or head over to our social media. Twitter: @CoesIpswich Instagram: Coes_Stores Facebook: Coes Stores

There are so many different things to love about winter, so, forget the January blues and join us to celebrate your individuality.

Love winter as you start 2020 your way.

Here’s what everyone at Coes loves the most about winter:

Managing director William Coe

Managing director William Coe: “The thing I love the most about winter is going on skiing holidays with my family.”

 Visual merchandising manager Sonja Talbot: “I love pure, untouched snow that looks like a blanket with nothing but robin footprints in it when you are warm indoors.”

Sales assistant Jane Smith

Sales assistant Jane Smith: “I love winter fashion and colours. There is nothing better than layering up my clothing with cosy chunky knits.”


E-commerce Copywriter Lauren Flint-Johnson “I love the festive atmosphere of the colder seasons”

Topcoats manager and buyer Lisa West

Topcoats manager and buyer Lisa West: “I love sitting on the beach fishing, all wrapped up in my favourite quilted warm jacket, whilst sipping a coffee and feeling the cold air on my cheeks.”

E-commerce copywriter Kay Mullenger “I love the Scandinavian idea of ‘Hygge’ the mood of cosiness and contentment. I also love watching a beautiful winter sky from the warmth of my home.”

Marketing assistant and social media manager Amy Butcher

Marketing assistant and social media manager Amy Butcher: “I love crisp winter mornings and brisk walks with my dog.”

Howard Fiddy (Stock) “I love curling up watching a film with thick bed socks on”

Sales Assistant - Paris Moncrieff

Sales assistant Paris Moncrieff: “I love drinking hot cider and mulled wine when it’s cold outside”

What do you love about winter? Let us know on our social media.

Twitter: @CoesIpswich
Instagram: Coes_Stores
Facebook: Coes Stores

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