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Get Shorted for Summer1 min read


We may not have the best selection of legs in Suffolk, but we certainly have the largest selection of shorts! Now that the sun is finally shining, it’s time to get your legs out and leap into some shorts! The question is, what length and style should you choose?

It used to be that shorts were an easy purchase as they were fairly utilitarian in style and shades, i.e. cream or navy.  However, we’ve now been influenced by everything from surfwear to the French Riveria and styles, length and colour have multiplied along with these trends.  Certainly the more tailored short is in vogue – and this year its slightly shorter – but we still find that the longer cargo style have a firm following, especially due to the convenience of multiple pockets.

While we don’t suggest you style them with a shirt and tie like our boys in the photo, shorts can be extremely versatile and there are a great range of polos, tees and short sleeve shirts that would complete the look this Summer. If you are worried about what to put on your feet, we have the solution! Deck shoes, flip flops and canvas shoes are all well suited to shorts – unfortunately we can’t supply the tan!

Happy Summer Shopping!

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