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The Perfect Work Shirt with Seidensticker2 min read

Seidensticker Work Shirt

Seidensticker Work Shirt

Your daily work attire depends entirely upon where you work, however in offices up and down the country, one garment in particular can be commonly found – the formal shirt. Whether it’s worn by the tech-savvy modern businessman paired with chinos and a casual blazer, or neatly done up with a suit and complimentary tie for the board room, the formal shirt remains a staple.

When something is so common place, it’s easy to take it for granted, but we think the work shirt should be celebrated. After all, a little bit of a luxury goes a long way and it can even help you feel ready to tackle the day ahead (after the mandatory morning coffee, of course!).

Here at Coes, we’re no stranger to the formal work shirt, on any day you can walk into one our stores and find the male staff attired in a range of stylish and sometimes colourful shirts. In fact, our very own Ollie Lewis recently modelled one of our personal favourite shirt brands which you can see pictured.

Paul Williams Slim Knitted Tie in Navy

Seidensticker as seen modelled by Ollie Lewis – is a special take on the classic work shirt. If our goal was to persuade that, when it comes to wardrobe staples, you can’t go wrong if you opt for quality, then Seidensticker shirts are the way we would (and will!) prove it.

Seidensticker Black Rose Collar

For us, here at Coes, the heritage of clothing is important to us. The history of a brand might not be something that the wearer would necessarily know about. However, the personal story of each designer comes out in the style and detail which is visible to everyone. The Seidensticker family have been in the business of making shirts for a little less than one hundred years. With this time comes expertise and knowledge, and as mentioned, this translates into the care for attention and detail that’s very much apparent.

The brands heritage may be something that is not clear to the casual observer. Something that is however observable, by the wearer and the admirer, is the craftsmanship that goes into every shirt. Iconic attention to detail, with stylish trims, buttons and exceptional design pulls together for a crowd pleasing result.

Seidensticker Black Rose Sleeves

To really showcase the formal shirt, for the photoshoot we paired the Seidensticker Black Rose Formal Shirt in Royal with a classic navy suit. The Without Prejudice Randolph Wool Suit in Midnight Navy (modelled as a two piece, available in a three piece mix and match suit), blends modern design with classic style to give a sharp look to the outfit. Bringing the attire together is an exceptional contemporary Knitted Navy Tie by Paul Williams. Lastly, we liven things up with a Navy Handkerchief by Hemley that really finishes everything up nicely.

Seidensticker Black Rose Buttons

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