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Thinking about spring….and not just this one3 min read


The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful morning and it feels like summer is finally starting to arrive. It’s put me in a good mood, so I’m taking it as an excuse to break out my favourite pair of sunglasses as I walk from home to the station. It certainly beats using an umbrella – I’ll be glad to give that a break for a while! Sadly my sunglasses are swiftly removed once again as I plop into my seat on the 7:32 to London just a few minutes later.


Today I’m off to Hugo Boss to view and buy from their pre spring collection. That’s spring next year. Sounds mad to some I’m sure, as we’ve barely had spring this year yet, but for myself and the other buyers at Coes it’s become the norm to work months in advance sourcing and ordering the clothes that we hope you’ll like.

The pre season buy can sometimes be a tricky one to get your head around – designed as a bridge between the main autumn winter and spring summer collections, it’s delivered in November. Depending on what styles and colours are being shown, the delivery can either act as a nice new fill up of stock right before the busy Christmas period, or it can replenish the shelves with something bright and fresh as soon as the festive season is over.

Boss is a global brand, so they have many markets to appeal to. Personally, given the fact that it will always be cold here in the UK at that time of year, I’ve already made up my mind that I’d like to opt for something suitable for the Christmas shopping/gifting period.

After sitting down and having a chat with our rep Tom, who’s equally pleased that the nice weather has started to arrive (mainly due to the anticipation of a surge in shorts and t-shirt sales for the brand), we get down to business and start to view the samples.


Fortunately, I’m not disappointed and there are plenty of great pieces for me to choose from. The great package of sweatshirts, zip throughs and layering pieces stood out in particular. I chose to buy a fantastic textured waffle knit hoody in an athletic grey – texturing certainly features heavily throughout the collection. There’s also a fully reversible sweatshirt, each side with a different look and feel to it. Having never quite seen anything like this before I was keen to order it. Next a full zip bomber in a cotton sweatshirt style made the cut. Bomber jackets are extremely popular right now, plus, being in this type of fabric means it can be worn much more regularly, rather than just as an outerwear piece (doubling up, I suppose, as really smart alternative to a hoody or something similar).


Not wanting to completely forget there is supposed to be an element of spring to this buy, I also selected 4 new polos in a cotton stretch fabric. Stretch in polos is not only fantastic for comfort, but also means it has a lovely, lighter and softer feeling.

Now with my appointment over, order placed and the sun still very much shining, the glasses are back on and it’s off to Carnaby St with my colleague Gary to enjoy a cold beer and a nice lunch…


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