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Tilley Hats – The Ideal Outdoor Hat2 min read

Tilley Hats

Spring time has finally arrived and the Canadian made hat brand “Tilley” has released their new spring/summer collection.

Tilley is well known for its shooting, fishing and everyday use hats. Tilley hats come in many designs and are available in many different fabrics, which include cotton duck, organic cotton and hemp. The ranges of hats that are produced by Tilley are designed to fit more comfortably than other hats that are available. It is made to be worn low on the head and have a loose fitting, where you should be able to easily fit two fingers between the middle of your forehead and at the front of the hat. You may be thinking that in the windiest of conditions, the hat will simply blow off (as many do), but the hat comes with a long cord that hides comfortably inside the hat. The cord is knotted at both ends and in windy conditions; it should be placed under the chin and at the back of the head to ensure it won’t be lost in the wind.
The brim on the hat will also help shield the sun from your neck and face, ensure Tilley hats are perfect for all types of weather.

One of the most popular Tilley hats that we sell is the Organic Cotton medium brim hat (pictured right), this hat is very popular as it is made from soft suede organic cotton, for durability and comfort. It has certified maximum UV protection rating, as well as being water repellent making it perfect for any weather conditions. This hat is perfect for taking on holidays and packing away in your suitcase. Unlike some hats, this one is Crushable and Packable, making it one less hassle for your travels. The Organic cotton hat comes in an airflow option that has a mesh round the top of the hat, which allows extra ventilation around the crown.

What makes Tilley hats special is that they come with a ‘guarantee for life. Tilley will replace your hats for free is it ever falls apart, shirks or wears out. If you ever lose your hat or damage it with in the first two years, Tilley will deduct 50% off the hat to help you replace the damaged one.
You can browse our full range by visiting our Tilley Hats Page.

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