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What is a Healthy Back Bag?8 min read

Healthy Back Bag

What makes a healthy back bag ‘healthy’? Is it really any good for Back Pain?

The Healthy Back Bag began in the USA under the American company Ameribags. After the co-founder, Margery Gaffin, had to have back surgery following a roller-skating incident she had the idea for a comfortable and healthy bag for carrying daily essentials that addressed the weight stress issues in a one strap bag. Teaming up with a chiropractor and a doctor they designed the Healthy Back Bag, an originally leather bag, that now comes in many different materials, colours, prints and sizes for Men and Women.

The bag is designed in a tear drop shape to follow the contour of you back whether you wear it cross-body or on one shoulder. The ergonomic design has no rigid parts and fits with the natural curvature of your spine rather than pulling away from it. The more places a bag touches on your body when you are wearing it the lighter it feels due to a larger surface area bearing the weight.

There are no set weight limits on how much you can put into the bag but the less you carry will always mean less pressure on your back and shoulders. It is recommended by doctors that your bag should not exceed 10% of your body weight as if the load is excessive, your head and neck tilt forward rather than staying over your shoulders to compensate for the extra weight. As well as pain in the neck back and shoulders this can cause headaches and neck tension. The small Healthy Back Bag is the most popular for everyday use and their website claims it can hold your purse, keys, diary, phone, cosmetics, pens, mini umbrella, water bottle, sunglasses and travel documents with no problem at all. That may seem like it can hold a lot of stuff and it can! However, as the small bags are just 320g to start with it is much lighter than a handbag carrying the exact same items. People that have used the bag have described it as so lightweight they barely feel they are wearing a bag at all.

Plus, the Healthy Back Bag is designed with many pockets both externally and internally. Depending on which size and style you choose, they have key hooks, mesh pockets and insulated water bottle pockets. The larger Healthy Back Bags can even hold a tablet or laptop. The vast array of storage options not only keeps your bag nice and organised, but it also spreads the weight evenly putting less pressure on your neck back and spine. This distribution of weight means your heavier items do not just sit at the bottom of your bag causing a downward pull and more tension on your shoulders.

The Healthy Back bag also features an adjustable non-slip strap which prevents it sliding down your shoulder and therefore putting an uneven amount of weight on one side of your body. This also means that you do not have to readjust the strap regularly meaning you will twist your spine round less.

Healthy Back Bag Vs Backpack/Rucksack?

A two-strap bag will always be the best option for weight distribution and the people behind Healthy Back Bags do not dispute this. When correctly worn and fitted a close fitting backpack/rucksack will reduce tension in the back, neck and shoulders by distributing the weight evenly. However, many people do not wear properly fitted backpacks and an unfitted backpack can cause spinal disc compression. Some people wear them too low so that they are not sitting closely to the spine which encourages slouching or the other temptation is to only wear one strap on the backpack causing increased strain to the back. Also, in some cases people cannot carry bags with two straps for health reason.

Healthy Back Bag is a great alternative for people who would rather wear a bag with one strap. It can be worn cross body or just on one shoulder and will still contour to the spine.

Healthy Back Bag Vs One Shoulder Handbag?

Carrying a heavy bag on the same side of the body for a lengthy period of time can cause the shoulder to roll forward and down. This can cause a vast array of health problems such as weakened muscles, tension, knots in the muscles and if you already have an injury increased recovery time. Pulling on your body on one side can effect your posture as well as you lean over to the side to accommodate for the extra weight. The pull on one shoulder can also cause strain on nerves and shooting pains down the arm and up into the neck.

Due to the innovative design that distributes the weight evenly and minimises stress even if on one shoulder, the Healthy Back Bag can be worn like a handbag and be healthier than a normal handbag. So, you can carry it with comfort and in the knowledge you are not doing yourself any further harm.

Who is the Healthy Back Bag for?

  • People recovering from an injury that do not want to put too much strain on their back
  • People prone to Back, Neck, and Shoulder pain
  • People who just want a lightweight, organised day-to-day bag
  • People who want a bag that is healthy for their back and still looks great

Other benefits

As well as the numerous chiropractic benefits for people recovering from an injury or just preventing tension on their back, neck and spine the healthy back bag has other day-to-day benefits.

The Healthy Back Bag has a zip fastening that rests securely against your back during wear to prevent any pick pocketing. Also, as it has a double zip you can easily add a padlock for further security.

This bag is also a great option for anyone looking for a great day-to-day bag whether for commuting, heading to the gym, or shopping, that is not only lightweight but handsfree.

As the bag rests securely with a non-slip strap it is great for outdoor adventures. Whether you are a photographer or enjoy going on short treks, this bag will not swing round and get in the way when you crouch down to get that perfect photo or as you stand up after taking a  breathing rest as it sits snugly in the natural contours of your back.

The healthy back bag is as organised as it is functional as well as being machine washable, water resistant and durable. It has been designed to give the wearer several years of stress-free wear as long as the care instructions are followed correctly.

Where can you get one?

Here at Coes, we shop a vast range of Healthy Back Bags in all different sizes and colours. We even have their special cause Breast Cancer Healthy Back Bag (below) in stock.  Come and see us in store or shop online here.

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  1. They look really comfortable..loving the breast cancer design one. Very informative blog too giving enough information to make an informed choice. Thank you

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you for taking the time to read our post. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. 🙂

      Lauren – Coes

  2. what size for a male 5’10 do you recommend for the ameribag for daily commute? many thanks

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. We would recommend the medium sized Healthy Bag Bags for your daily commute. Dimensions: 49x28x18cm Capacity: 9 Litres
      Lots of handy pockets to fit your daily essentials in but not too big for daily use.
      Although the small is still a good size Dimensions: 43x23x15cm Capacity: 6 Litres

      Many thanks,
      Lauren – Coes