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Why Berghaus is So Great2 min read


In 1966 Berghaus ‘reinvented the wheel’ so to speak. Before Berghaus winter clothing didn’t really exist and what did exist was bland, colourless and lacking in panache. Since that time Berghaus coats and fleeces have become an iconic brand among the winter sports set. Across the world there are few places where the Berghaus brand doesn’t hold sway, and since 1966 the brand has innovated and led where others have followed.

Our collection of Berghaus coats and fleeces are aimed at those that love the great outdoors and prefer a splash of colour and modern styling, as well as being practically dressed to keep the elements out. Staying warm and dry is always at the front of any sportsman’s thoughts when tackling an extreme challenge.

If you love the great outdoors you don’t have to be at the same level as the elite Berghaus athletes Sean Leary and Jason Pickles to wear the famous Berghaus range. Our collection of Berghaus coats and fleeces have been assembled to offer you the very best in protection from the elements when you’re out and about.

If that includes some aggressive mountain climbing, walking the Pennine way or pitting your wits against the weekly Saturday shop in inclement weather, these iconic coats and fleeces will protect. Keeping you protected from the extremes of weather you can expect to meet on your adventures, you’ll definitely stay warm and dry.

The whole point of Berghaus is fun and practicality all rolled in to one neat clothing brand. When the wind is a lazy wind from the north and prefers to cut through you rather than take the long way round, you know it’s time to wrap up warm in Berghaus.

We have put our Berghaus collection together to appeal to the widest possible audience; from the fiercely energetic who love a mountain challenge through to the ‘gently energetic’ who have to brave the Saturday shopping run in the bleak midwinter.

Check out our Berghaus collection today; something for every lifestyle no matter what level of energetic you choose to be.

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